Gladys Harvey

Managing Irregular Flows Of Customers

A substantial number of customers switch service providers because they are not happy with the level of customer service that they are receiving. Part of the problem is that they will often have to wait far too long to be able to speak to someone on the phone or meet with a customer service representative in person. However, those who are responsible for serving a large number of customers might feel overwhelmed with the number of customers that arrive regularly without the help of a queuing system.

Why Is Water Treatement Important?

Even with everything known about the importance of making sure the water one consumes is clean, there are still those that mock the process of treating water and think people tend to be too careful. However, treating water is very important for many reasons. If you don't yet grasp the importance of treating drinking water, then this article should help you to have a better understanding of why you should start appreciating treated water more.

Not Feeling Your Best At Work? 4 Ways You'll Benefit From A New Workstation

If you're still using the same old furniture in your office, it's time to for a change. Your current furniture may not be able to provide you with the benefits you need to be at your best throughout the workday. This is particularly true if you don't have the benefit of ergonomic furniture. Ergonomically designed office furniture does more than merely give you a place to work, it cradles your body so that it gets the support it needs.