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Does Your Best Friend Run A Handmade Craft Business? 3 Tips To Select The Perfect Stationery Subscription Box

Your best friend's handmade craft business requires them to put in long hours of hard work. While you know that your friend might not expect anything in return, it is fun to pamper them with something that makes their workday a lot better. Subscription boxes are the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, and there is still something amazing about finding a surprise waiting at your door. A monogrammed stationery subscription box is the ideal type to give your friend since they can use their new paper products to send thank you notes to customers and keep up with their daily tasks. You can use these tips to help narrow down your options to the perfect box to make your best friend squeal with joy.

Decide How Often You Want the Box to Arrive

Most subscription boxes allow you to select when you want the boxes to arrive. For instance, you could start with a single delivery to see how the gift is received. Alternatively, you could have the box dropped off several times a year to commemorate special occasions or to avoid having your friend be overwhelmed by too many supplies. You could also have the box show up every month for a gift that gives maximum satisfaction. With new stationery coming in every month, your friend will easily stay inspired for adding custom messages to their handmade crafts that keep customers coming back.

Choose the Right Name to Use for the Monogram

With monogrammed stationery, the traditional approach is to use a person's formal name. This allows the subscription service to use the full set of three initials, or they may sometimes send items with a first or last name. Keep this in mind as you set up the delivery service so that you can select the letters that work best for your friend. If they tend to use their full name on their marketing materials, then feel free to go this route. Alternatively, you could use the business name that they include on their handmade items' labels. 

Explore the Types of Items That Are Included

Stationery can include many different types of items, and your friend might appreciate additional monogrammed accessories that help with their business such as luggage tags for when they travel to craft shows. Keep in mind that a box that also has items included for your friend's personal use will give her a surprise gift that covers all of the bases. For instance, your friend may love having a tote bag or kitchen towels that they can use for business or pleasure.