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Composite Wood Decking Is A Good Choice For A Pool Deck

If you're planning to put an above ground pool in your yard, you might also be thinking of putting in a deck that connects the pool to your home so you have a place to grill or read outdoors. However, when you look at how fast your neighbors' decks deteriorate, you may wonder if a deck is worth the expense and labor involved in upkeep. If you want a deck that will last for years while your kids grow and enjoy the pool, then consider building it with composite wood, such as Trex decking. Here's why you might like composite wood best.

Composite Wood Looks Like Real Wood

You can buy composite decking in different colors, so you don't have to mimic the look of wood if you don't want to. However, if you want a traditional-looking deck, then buying composite wood that looks like real wood is a good choice. You can buy the decking in different shades and textures that resemble a variety of types of wood so that the deck is a beautiful compliment to your yard and house. A big plus is that although the deck looks like wood, it doesn't deteriorate like it.

Composite Wood Is Safe For Kids

Your kids will probably spend a lot of time on the deck, so you want a material that is safe for them. Although you'll probably tell your kids not to run too close to the pool, slipping is not much of a concern on a composite wood surface, since the surface is textured. Since the wood doesn't decay, splinters aren't a problem either. Composite decks can also be installed with fasteners underneath the deck, and this eliminates problems with nails or screws that might rust or pop up and cause a cut or injury. Composite decking might also be cooler on bare feet in the summer. Dark decking gets hotter than light decking, and composite wood tends to stay cooler than some other types of decking, such as PVC.

A composite deck that mimics wood is an attractive feature for your property, and it doesn't take much work to maintain because these types of decking are easy to clean. Plus, the decking is treated to resist UV fading, so the deck holds on to its beauty for years, even when it's near a pool, is splashed frequently, and gets a lot of wear from active kids. Visit a website like http://vbcinc.com to learn more today.