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3 Uses For Marine Recovered Plastic Yarn

Plastic is invaluable in everyday life. It's used to hold water and store food. It's useful because it's inexpensive, so it's perfect for single-use applications. Unfortunately, plastic is not biodegradable. If it's thrown away, it will sit in the landfill without decomposing. Plastic poses an even bigger problem when it's disposed of improperly; plastic that ends up in the ocean can harm fish and other marine life.

Fortunately, plastic recovered from coastal areas can be repurposed as yarn. The plastic commonly used to make water bottles and other disposable plastic items is also used to make polyester fibers. This means recycled plastic bottles can be shredded and melted down to create plastic yarn. Here are three exciting uses for marine recovered plastic yarn:

1. Jeans

Jeans are a staple in most closets. They're excellent for casual wear, and they can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. Since jeans are so ubiquitous, they're usually a bestseller. The fibers made from recovered plastic can be blended with natural materials to create familiar yarns such as denim. You can incorporate recovered plastic yarn into your company's jeans by purchasing yarn blended with cotton.

2. Eveningwear

Recovered plastic yarn can also be used in more formal applications. If you cater to high end clientele, you can still take advantage of plastic yarn. Plastic fibers can be combined with luxury materials, such as cashmere, to create an inexpensive yarn that still maintains the desirable qualities of more expensive fibers. Your customers will appreciate the value they receive when they purchase suits and evening gowns made from recovered ocean plastic.

3. Athletic Apparel

Activewear is the perfect application for plastic yarn. Plastic has excellent water repellent properties, which makes it ideal for wicking sweat away from the skin. Create sports bras, athletic shirts, running shorts, and yoga pants from recycled plastics. The yarn can be dyed to create a vibrant array of colors. Since plastic yarn is synthetic, it's easy for consumers to care for. It can be washed and dried in the dryer, with no special handling or hand washing required.

If you're an apparel designer and you'd like to make your company more environmentally friendly, consider incorporating recycled plastic yarn into your products. Recovered plastic yarn is just as soft and beautiful as other types of yarn. It reduces waste, and it can help you attract a more environmentally conscious demographic of consumers.

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