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Why You Should Try Virtual Speed Dating

When you think of speed dating, you might picture an evening in which you show up at a venue, such as a bar, with a number of other single people and spend a few minutes talking to several of them one at a time. While many people enjoy this traditional form of speed dating and have found success with it, it's worth knowing that there are other options for you to consider. Today, many people turn to virtual speed dating. It has many of the same principles as traditional speed dating, but you meet people back to back over your computer, rather than in person. Here are three reasons to try virtual speed dating. 

More Convenient

You might like the idea of virtual speed dating because of its convenience. If you're the type of person who doesn't have a lot of spare time, the prospect of planning to visit a bar for a speed dating event may be daunting. For example, if the nearest event is a 30-minute drive from your home, you'll need to invest an hour in total travel time. It can feel a lot more convenient to sign up for a virtual event, grab your laptop, and virtually meet a number of other single people.

More Comfortable

It's important to feel as comfortable as possible when you meet someone to assess whether you might have a connection. Lots of people can feel comfortable in a traditional speed dating environment, but if you're introverted or simply don't have a lot of experience with dating, you can feel anxious. Being anxious can impede your ability to truly be yourself. When you try virtual speed dating, you may feel a lot more comfortable because you're in your own environment. If you've frequently done video calls over the years, virtual speed dating can have a familiar feel that helps you to relax.

No Pressure To Drink

If you're someone who practices a sober lifestyle or who simply doesn't enjoy drinking alcohol, visiting a bar for a traditional speed dating session might not appeal to you. This can particularly be true if you expect that many of the participants will be sipping wine or beer. You may feel a lot less pressure to drink when you sign up for virtual speed dating. You can enjoy a cup of tea or another preferred beverage at home. Look online to find a speed dating service that hosts virtual events.

Contact a local speed dating service, such as Slice Speed Dating, to learn more.