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Memories All Year: Creating A Custom Wall Calendar That Celebrates Your Family

Creating a custom wall calendar is a fantastic opportunity to use your family's favorite moments as reminders of your love throughout the entire year. Easy to design and customize, you can create a custom calendar that features photographs of your family alongside colors or themes that will help complete the overall finished product. Here are a few ways to inspire you to create your custom family wall calendar according to each season!

Spring and Summer

When you think of the warmer half of the year, think of celebration, nature, and fun in the sun! You'll want your spring and summer months to showcase photographs of your family enjoying the great outdoors, having backyard barbecues, and splashing around at the beach, to name a few ideas. For this portion of your calendar, choose photographs that capture the celebratory atmosphere of spring and summer and feature bold, vibrant colors. For the month of July, for example, feature a snapshot of your family enjoying a day grilling some hot dogs and hamburgers, complete with a splash in the pool!


The season of fall evokes feelings of coziness and feeling thankful for what you have. Colors to feature such as warm oranges, reds, and yellows can mimic the foliage you might see in your surroundings during this time. When creating your calendar, choose photographs of your family enjoying the activities that celebrate the season. A walk through a pumpkin patch, carving out jack-o-lanterns, or bobbing for apples are all wonderful examples of family-friendly activities that provide a warm nod to the crispy weather. Perhaps your family enjoys a large gathering around Thanksgiving; use this as a great time to display last year's get-together filled with laughter, love, and lots of delicious food!


A chance to look inward and reflect, winter serves as a time that is a bit quieter than the rest. Your family may have their own tradition when it comes to the holidays and this would be a wonderful chance to honor them through your calendar design. The lighting of candles on a cold winter's night, a scene of your family decorating the Christmas tree, or a visual of your home on a snowy yet peaceful day are all wonderful reminders of what is good in life. Blues, grays, silvers, and golds all are excellent choices to make when deciding on a color theme for this time of year and will create an elegant and festive effect. 

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