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The Design And Purpose Of Used Tank Car Culverts

Tank cars are used to transport bulk liquids or compressed goods. When a train is retired, useable parts, including tanks, may be sold to independent buyers. A used tank car can serve as a culvert. A culvert can be used to transport water, to cross a body of water, or to provide a direct way for machinery and heavy-duty vehicles to access a remote area.

The Composition Of A Car

Used tank cars are constructed of reinforced steel. A tank may be insulated or non-insulated and designed to store one or more compressed or liquid agents. The interior of a tank may be coated with a slick material. This material will prevent the stored contents from coming into contact with the shell of a tank car.

A tank car is cylindrical in shape. A ladder, wheels, plumbing, and valves are typically attached to a tank. These materials may be removed by a seller of used train materials. Some cars feature a dome shape along the upper part of the car. To provide a culvert with a rounded shape that is symmetrical, the dome may be removed. A hole will remain along the side where the dome was originally located. The hole can be welded shut or scrap materials can be used to block the hole.

The Use Of Tank Car Culverts

A tank car culvert can be placed above ground or underground. The addition of a culvert may require that two or more cars are connected together. A narrow stream or a small parcel of land that is located remotely may only require the addition of a single tank car culvert. An underground culvert can be used as an irrigation system. Groundwater will be transported through one or more steel cars. Dirt can be used to cover a series of cars.

Using tank cars for irrigation purposes can be cost effective and will not disrupt the areas where crops are growing. If a tank becomes filled with sludge, it can be rinsed out. A bulldozer or another heavy-duty piece of machinery that is designed to move earth can be used to transport solid materials that have become stuck inside of a culvert. Steel tank culverts can be used for a permanent task or for a series of tasks that will be conducted in different areas. Heavy-duty machinery can be used to transport a culvert from one location to another.

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