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3 Things You Can Do With Used Pallets Around Your Yard

Used pallets can come in pretty handy around the yard. There are lots of different things you can do with them aside from burning them in a fire pit. Here are three options that are worthy of consideration:

Turn them into Planters

One fun thing you can do with used pallets is turning them into planters. Place four pallets corner to corner to create a square box and use a nail gun to secure the pallets together. Then fill the pallet squares with garden soil and plant flowers, lettuce, tomatoes, or herbs in it. Alternatively, you can hang pallets on a fence or a side of your home and place flowerpots in the openings to create a vertical garden. You can also place pallets flat on the ground and put pots on top of them to keep them off the ground. This will help keep pests like slugs off the food you want to grow in your yard.

Create Some Patio Furniture

Used pallets can also be used to create some basic furniture for your patio. Start by sanding and painting the pallets any color of your choice – just be sure to use exterior paint that will hold up to the elements. You may also want to treat the pallets with water repellent once the paint dries to keep the pallets from succumbing to moisture damage.

Stack three pallets on top of one another to create a convenient end table. Nailing an extra pallet to the back of the stack of pallets and placing a pillow on the stack will create a comfortable seat. You can also put a pallet on the ground and then nail three pallets upright around the edge of it to create legs. Then turn the pallet on the ground upside down so it sits on the legs and you will have yourself a stool!

Make a Barrier for Your Garden

If you are already growing food in your yard, you can utilize used pallets to create barriers around the food. This will help keep dogs and rambunctious kids along with stray animals in the neighborhood away from your gardens so that they do not end up stomped on and or even completely ruined. Just stand the pallets up end-to-end on their sides, making sure that the ends are touching. Nail the pallets together so they create a sturdy wall around your garden. If necessary, you can pour some ready-mix concrete around the bottom of pallets to secure them to the ground.