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Four Ways To Bring Cottagecore To Your Cycling Experience

In the past year, the cottagecore aesthetic has become increasingly popular. Cottagecore emphasizes coziness, slow days, and everything good about a country cottage, and it goes extremely well with a cycling lifestyle. If you are interested in the cottagecore aesthetic, there are several ways you can turn your bicycle into a cottagecore prop. 

Opt for a City Bike

If you don't have a bike yet, you should choose a bike that is good for meandering journeys, rugged enough to go on dirt paths, and easy to ride while wearing loose-fitting clothing. City bikes often have a step-thru frame, upright riding posture, large wheel size, and plenty of fenders and guards to keep you safe whatever you choose to wear. They also give you more of that classic, countryside aesthetic that fits with cottagecore. 

Add a Basket 

If you already have a bike, you can still convert it into a cottagecore dream. One of the easiest ways is by adding a front basket to your bike. A simple wire or woven basket will give you plenty of space to store picnic supplies or a foraging harvest while also giving your bike a more classic look. 

Find a Skirt Guard

For many people, the cottagecore aesthetic involves loose-fitting skirts and dresses. These can get stuff in your chain and rear wheel if you are not careful. It's a good idea to invest in a chain guard and rear wheel guard, often called a skirt guard, if you plan on wearing skirts. The good news is that skirt guards are often available in a variety of styles, which means you may be able to find a cottage-friendly print on a fabric guard. 

Match Your Accessories 

While you're picking a print for your skirt guard, you might consider some matching accessories. For example, a floral seat cover can give your bike a cottage aesthetic, as can a matching floral fabric liner in your basket. Alternatively, you can go for a leather seat and matching handlebars that can give a warm, antique feel to your bicycle. You can also look into leather picnic or wine sets that strap onto the frame of city bikes. 

Cycling and cottagecore go hand in hand. Whether you are an avid cyclist who wants to explore cottagecore or you are into cottagecore and want to add cycling to your experience, there are several interesting options for combining the two lifestyles. 

If you're looking for a bike, check out a local bike store to get started.