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What You Should Know About Using a CBD Vape Pen

Do you want to start consuming your CBD through vaping, but don't know much about it? Here is what you should know about using a CBD vape pen.

The Viscosity of the Oil Makes a Difference

Some thought must go into the voltage used to heat the oil cartridge in a vape pen, which is based on its viscosity. If you are using a CBD oil that is very thin, then you need to use a lower voltage setting to heat the oil at a lower temperature. The opposite is true of a thick cbd oil, which will require a higher voltage and temperature to heat it. The wrong temperature can cause you to not get the CBD you desire from each use of the vape pen, or you might end up burning the oil during the vaporization process. 

The Vape Pen Cannot Be Used With E-Juice

While it is possible to vape cannabis, CBD, and E-juice, know that your CBD vape pen should not be used for E-juices that contain nicotine. The liquid is going to be a completely different thickness, with E-juice being very thin. The liquid will spill out and not heat properly, which will cause problems with your vape pen. 

The Vape Pen Needs to Be Charged

Since the vape pen requires electricity to heat the oil, you need to keep the battery life of the vape pen in mind so that you don't run out of power when you need it. If you plan to frequently use the vape pen for CBD oil, think of it as if it were your cell phone. Excessive use will cause the battery to drain quickly, and you need to charge it when it is not being used. However, you can't use a vape pen while it is being charged, which can make it a bit inconvenient if you have a dead battery.  Make sure you read the manual for your vape pen so that you understand what all the flashing lights mean. There are signals that it will try to tell you based on how many times it flashes, which can help identify a low battery and the charge level. There are even warnings about bad CBD oil cartridges and batteries.

These are a few things that you should know before using a CBD vape pen. This should help get you started by knowing the answers to some common concerns new users have.