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Mailing Tubes Aren't Just For The Mail

Making the switch to mailing tubes for your business can help create a uniform shipping cost across your product line. Mailing or shipping tubes are also a great way to ensure that your product ships safely and securely. But mailing or shipping tubes don't have to be limited to use with your mail. Many of these tubes are just the right size for a wide variety of other things that could be professionally beneficial or just plain fun.

Clean Up Your Desk

Is your desk or office space currently cluttered with staples, push pins, and other small little things that are easy to drop or misplace? Set up a mailing tube or two on everyone's desk at the office and they'll have an easy spot to dump all of these little things that you need but hate having to deal with.

Keep Documents Dry

Does it rain a lot in your neck of the woods? If so, you might hate having to run outside while carrying a folder with important documents inside. Even one rain drop could cause your documents to look less than professional by the time you get to the next meeting. Carry your documents inside a plastic mailing tube instead, and it's much more likely everything will stay nice and dry.

An Amazing Container for Small Gifts

Are you looking to have a little fun around the office or maybe with the kids at home? Fill an entire mailing tube up with candy and put it on your favorite co-worker's desk. Insert random small soaps or other fun feminine products and set it up in your bathroom. Put some confetti inside a tube and then let your kids "pop" the tube and blast confetti onto each other at a kid's birthday party.

Take It to the Golf Course

Are you always trying to find your golf ball out on the course? Whether you are golfing for personal reasons or as part of a business engagement, a circular mailing tube is just the right shape to store multiple extra golf balls. Feel free to toss in some tees or an extra pair of golfing gloves while you're at it, and you'll have an all-in-one kit available to you the next time you hit the links.

Mailing tubes were obviously created with mail shipments in mind, and they still make a great go-to packaging for all kinds of items. But these tubes are also just the right shape and size for you to use them for a wide variety of other purposes.