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3 Things to Do When Hiring A Residential Roofing Contractor

If there is severe damage to your roof, it may be a good idea to hire a roofing contractor. They can solve a bevy of issues today ranging from leaks to shingle damage. As long as you avoid these mistakes, this hire will lead to quality roof repairs. 

Have a Contract Drawn Up

A lot of homeowners think that just because a roofing contractor says they are going to do something, that's their bond and they have to abide by it. That's the last thing you need to do. 

Rather, you need to make sure the roofing contractor drafts up a contract that both of you can sign. This is a legally binding document that protects you from future issues, such as the contractor not doing what they said they would do according to the contract or charging you too much. 

Inspect Previous Work

Even if a roofing contractor seems confident and competent at completing the repair that your roof desperately needs, that's not enough. You need to take it a step further and look at past work the contractor has done. Seeing their work in person or online, you can better judge the contractor's skills and experience.

If you don't know a lot about roof work, then find someone who does. It could be your neighbor or someone you know in the roofing industry. Just have them look at the contractor's work to help you make an informed decision about hiring them or not. 

See Their Insurance

Sometimes even the most experienced and skilled roofing contractor makes mistakes from time to time, which end up causing damage to your property. This could be a problem if you forget to check for the contractor's insurance.

They need to show proof of insurance to let you know that if mistakes and accidents do happen, you won't be liable for the costs. Instead, the roofing contractor's insurance will cover all of the expenses. You can thus feel better about having someone you never met work on your property for an extended period of time. Think of this insurance as added assurance. 

Owning a home is great, but it does come with the responsibility of taking care of the roof. This may involve hiring a roofing contractor every now and then. As long as you vet these professionals and make sure you're making the right selection, you shouldn't run into any major dilemmas.