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Fixed Gas Detection Systems: Common FAQs

What is a fixed gas detection system? This is one of the most valuable systems that some businesses have in place. If you work in the oil and gas industry or you are just a curious consumer, you probably want to know a bit more. Here is a look at some common questions and answers you should know:

How does the fixed gas detection system work?

The fixed gas detection system has catalytic combustion sensors inside that are capable of detecting even trace amounts of certain types of gases. When a gas is detected, the system will sound an alarm or send an alarm signal to a certain point on a network so the proper overseeing employees are alerted immediately. Many of these units have different functions and features; therefore, it is important to consult the manufacturer's guidelines to get familiar with all of the functions. 

Is a fixed gas detection system the same thing as a personal gas detection system?

The personal gas detection system is a handheld unit that can be carried with an employee while they are in the field. The fixed gas detector is a mountable item that is stationary. Although it can be moved manually, it would have to be disconnected from its fixed point. 

Where are these detection systems installed?

These systems are used across a broad range of business industries, but they are most commonly installed in areas where there is a greater risk of gas exposure. For example, a company that sells propane gas would need several gas detectors on-site, and a distribution station at a natural gas network would have several of these units as well. 

Why are the gas detection systems so important?

Gas detection systems give you safe and easy monitoring of different types of gases. Not all gases are detectable with the human senses; they oftentimes have no smell or have no visibility when they are present. These systems can detect these gases and prevent major risks and safety concerns before a leak or another issue grows to a dangerous state. 

How do you find the best system?

Make sure you are shopping with a reputable dealer when you shop for these detection systems. Even though most units are designed to do the same thing, some are far more efficient and capable than others. Likewise, some units have special features like e-module technology and minimal signal drift, which can be extremely convenient and important.