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Hitching Up The Trailer: The Messy Made Easy

Trailer hitches make hauling heavy loads a breeze. There are just a few problems with hitching a trailer to a truck or other hauling vehicle, and only a few solutions that make it easier. Here are those messy problems and at least one solution that can make the messy, easy. 

Lifting the Slippery Hitch

Hitches, particularly ball hitches, have to be greased in order to make them mobile during travel. The trouble is, all that grease makes them nearly impossible to pick up with your bare hands and connect to your truck, tractor, or ATV because the weight of the trailer is pulling down while you are trying to pull up and position a greased hitch! Disconnecting the hitch is a little easier, but not by much. 

Your Hands Covered in Grease

Usually, the grease of choice for hitches is axle grease. This stuff is thick, pasty, black, and nearly impossible to wash off and get out of your clothes. You almost have to wear a designated "hitch connecting outfit" before you hook your trailer up to your towing vehicle, just in case you get some of this grease on your clothes. With your hands covered in grease, you might accidentally brush your hands against your clothes, your face, etc., and then you will spend the next thirty minutes trying to wash the grease off and wash it out of the clothes. 

Electric Wiring Made Unsafe

Once you manage to get the greasy hitch connected, there is still the issue of connecting the electrical wiring so that the tail lights on your trailer signal properly. If your hands are covered in grease, then the electrical connections will end up with grease on them as well, unless you break to wash your hands thoroughly, and then finish connecting the trailer. It is almost a guaranteed action at that point because the grease on the electrical components could spark a fire. 

The One Solution That Solves All of the Above

There is one tool that is the solution to all of the above problems. It is a tool that allows you to grab the hitch, lift it without getting your hands greasy or dirty and without slipping or dropping the hitch. It removes the age-old issue of getting grease all over everything and prevents any potential grease fires because you never touch grease and then touch electrical components ever again. Try something like the HitchGrip tool and see what a difference it makes with trailer hitch-ups.